Jr. Process Chemist

Department:  Engineering
Date:  Jun 27, 2024

Principle Responsibilities:

  • To validate existed process in lab and optimize the existed process from chemistry aspect.
  • To drive raw material qualification through lab use test.
  • To provide technical support to RMs suppliers to help them produce RMs upon FMC requirements.
  • To teamwork with cross function teams to implement scale up at plant, including:
    • Participate in pilot and plant startup.
    • Perform troubleshooting for plant operation.
    • Find yield improvement and cost reduction opportunities of existed process from plant practice.
  • Perform lab experiments to validate the findings, then to scale up to plant process.
  • To ensure that the knowledge and intellectual property, which belongs to FMC, is adequately protected through systemic and behavioral means.
  • To ensure that FMC standards of safety, health, environment, and Responsible Care are implemented and sustained in all activities.



  • Bachelor or above in Organic Chemistry from a reputed Institute/University.
  • 3+ years’ experience in organic synthesis and process optimization in Agrochemical/Pharmaceuticals or Fine Chemicals lab and manufactory.
  • Hands-on experience on process improvement, scale-up and manufacturing trouble shooting.
  • Ability to understand and interpret output from spectroscopy and Chromatography.
  • Basic knowledge on engineering principles.
  • Adequate computer skills and English proficiency.
  • Strong self-motivated and excellent team player.