How to Identify and Avoid Recruitment Fraud

This warning comes as there appears to be an increase in recruitment fraud, where scammers are posting fraudulent postings and/or contacting job seekers with career opportunities at FMC. Prospective applicants should be wary of any unsolicited job interview or job offers.  If you have applied for a job or position at FMC, you should directly visit FMC’s website to verify the source or authenticity of the position.  


FMC, its subsidiaries, and preferred recruitment partners will never ask for fees for any purpose; there will never be a recruitment fee, hiring fee, security deposit, or software/equipment charge. Additionally, FMC will not ask for any confidential or personal information such as bank account numbers, tax forms, security social number (SSN), or date of birth (DOB) as a part of the recruitment process. 


The FMC recruitment team will correspond from email addresses from the domain There will never be any communications from public domains such as,, or @hotmail/ However, you should always ensure you validate the legitimacy of the sender for any suspect emails as scammers can craft their emails to fraudulently display they are being sent from the domain.


If you are in doubt about the source of job offer, please go to our website (FMC Corporation Careers) and logon to your profile to verify the position and your application. 


If you believe you have been the victim of recruitment fraud, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.