Business Readiness Senior Manager

Department:  Finance
Date:  Nov 22, 2021

The Business Readiness Senior Manager works closely with the Director of Enterprise Governance and Continuous Improvement (EGCI) for overall strategic and operational management of governance and continuous improvement initiatives related to the SAP S/4 landscape. This role works across the Governance Council COE Directors, Regional Leaders and EGCI Leadership Team to define and manage strategic, operational, and tactical execution of Integrated Readiness and delivery of initiatives that result in meaningful improvement.

The Business Readiness Senior Manager is expected to operate with intentional focus to drive actions that result in integration across functions, regions, processes, systems, and projects to ensure continued health of operations and successful incorporation of new and improved capabilities demonstrating value to FMC while mitigating disruption of business activities through effective risk management



  • Drive the planning and structure across functions, regions, and operations to prepare for delivery of change resulting from projects and programs introducing new and/or improved capabilities
  • Drive the development of strategic, operational, and tactical management of an ongoing Integrated Readiness approach that addresses ongoing health and continued improvement in:
    • Operations and Service Delivery
    • Capabilities and Process Excellence
    • Special Activities (Projects and Areas of Targeted Attention)
  • Execute cross-functional coordination to assess operational readiness to absorb and successfully integrate change related to new and/or improved capabilities as part of business case development
  • Execute cross-functional coordination to drive operational readiness throughout and following project delivery to ensure organizational transition into successful ways of working
  • Execute cross-functional coordination to define, manage and implement change impact plans for programs and projects that result in change related to the SAP S/4 landscape
  • Assess and measure the ongoing health of operations and service delivery through cross-functional / cross-regional engagement



  • Functional / Technical Skills:
    • Strong understanding of Transformation and Change Management concepts to deliver Organizational Readiness for operational objectives and project initiatives
    • Experience with change impact assessments
    • Experience with project delivery and operational and/or organizational change delivery
    • Experience with risk and metric based management of project delivery
    • Global organization transformation / change management experience a plus
    • ERP system related transformation / change management experience a plus
  • Soft Skills:
    • Ability to communicate complex topics to diverse audiences
    • Ability to influence sound decision making
    • Can drive change and tactfully resolve situations of conflict
    • Ability to adjust and lead others through rapidly changing environments and priorities
    • Operate with speed and intensity; accelerate the pace of delivery